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Discussion on: How I set my Linux computer for coding

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I'll give it a thought, as you may know, once you add a monitor you can't take it away, to add a screen to the workflow is a big commitment. If you are not careful everything but 10 screens will feel wrong. Is like when you buy your first mechanical keyboard, after that all the keyboards that felt okay, start feeling like garbage.

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David Mendoza (He/Him) Author

I will always say one monitor is meh it gets the job done, two monitors are great it gets the work done faster and three are a overkill don't get me wrong if you can afford 3 get them by all means but two should be enough for most programmers

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Mark Warner

(Disclaimer: I used to write for a popular PC gaming website about gaming graphics and displays, so my opinions on monitors probably diverge somewhat from what may be thought of as more "mainstream".)

At work, I use three external 1080p monitors in a line, and my laptop's 15" 4k display. I keep my console (putty/bash and chrome dev console) window up full time on the leftmost display, vs code on the next, Chrome and other apps (db tools, etc.) and outlook on the laptop screen. It works pretty nicely.

At home I have just a single 27" 4k display, and while it is really nice for smoothing font edges, you have to scale everything up at least 50% to keep icons and text from disappearing, so I tend to think 4k is wasted for coding on a desktop monitor. High-DPI scaling works really well in Windows 10, but not so great in any linux distro I've used. They mostly limit you to whole number scaling (100%, 200%, etc.), and the scaling is far from global/universal. Windows is also not completely universal, but at least you can do 125% or 150% without having to do anything special. It actually defaulted to 150% on my 27" display.

Anyway...point is, if you have more monitors, you'll find something to put on them. I keep (only half-jokingly) asking for 2 or 3 more at work. The primary benefit is always having various windows open and On Top.

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is like the size of drawers, closets or pockets. You'll never have too much space, only too much stuff on them. But they are also like cake, nobody "needs" cake, nobody "need" 3 monitors (well maybe some). But we want them anyway :)

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Phill Peters

I'm rockin three 28" monitors. It's a pretty sweet setup, if I do say so myself.