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Discussion on: How I set my Linux computer for coding

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I don't know, most of the time is insecurity, will I still use this?, maybe, let just get another terminal..., unwatched yt videos, paused music, etc.

I guess sounds fancier than it is, is just the fact that my current uptime is 60 days, sounds impressive but is mostly laziness and not updating kernels (I think I have 3 piled up) and I haven't been in the mood update them so why bother rebooting, just suspended at night.

Usually things that sound awesome really are not; openbox because I was awesome? nope, low RAM, after that i3, now because I was awesome? nope again, for a while I didn't have space to work with a mouse and my old touchpad was awful so, avoid mouse it was: ratpoison > awesome > xmonad > Qtile > i3 and I got used to it so, that's what I use it now.

Everything CLI?, low RAM again and again got used to it. Same with RSS that allow me to close about 10 browser tabs, my bookmarks are a black hole mess, so if I close a tab is dead to me and only destiny will lead me back to it, so a lot of tabs, a bunch of RAM that seemed precious to me before, I know..., don't overthink it.

Even my overpopulated Conky/i3 status bat is just to keep RAM and CPU at bay.

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David Mendoza (He/Him) Author

man sometimes laziness is awesome! hahaha