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Discussion on: 5 clean code techniques you can start doing today

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I've also noticed that intent comments doesn't get stale like bad comments, intent comments are tied to the purpose/objective instead to code, is not rare that a piece of code change but not that it's purpose change.

Maybe that's a sign of a useful comment, one that shouldn't get obsolete with an implementation change.

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Patricio Ferraggi Author

I am not sure about this one, I have seen comments get stale even if they are the "good comments", I have seen comments trying to convey intent on code that doesn't exist anymore, it was the intent for a class that it was deleted ages ago. Maybe I had some bad experiences and this is not the norm.

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Jason C. McDonald

The only reason it gets stale is if you let it. I hear the "out of sync" argument a lot, but that problem is just as common with descriptive names! Yet I don't see any articles decrying descriptive naming as a result: you update the name.

Keep your comments in sync as a mandatory part of refactoring. Get into the habit of distrusting any code with a mismatching intent comment; it usually means both code and comment are wrong.

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André Costa Lima

If your comments usually get out of sync, then it could be a symptom your code review process needs to be improved.