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Discussion on: Learn a New Language: Ruby or Go?

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I think this is usually a moot discussion because it depends on the local market, we are working all over the world, in some places Ruby may be dying while in others is growing, in some maybe never arrived, it also depends in the circle we operate, even the specific industry we tend to focus. We probably will think our current stack is more popular because of course we have more people surrounding us using it, we probably look for job offers that favors what we know and use, for obvious reasons. Of course to me Java looks less popular, I hate it, I don't even look at job offerings that require Java, so I have less chances to talk with Java people, I don't go to their Meetups nor watch Java YT videos, that doesn't mean is less popular, no idea. And even if it where, that just tells me that is less popular in my city, in the industries I'm closest to, nothing more.