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Would you like an OpenSource Engineering Handbook Template ? 🚀

Launching 🚀

🔥 - An OpenSource Engineering Handbook Template for Engineering Teams who want to go further, faster 🚀

Github Repo Link

Creating an Engineering Handbook Website from scratch is time-consuming and that's why I have created an OpenSource Engineering Handbook Website Template so Engineering Managers don't have to build their website from scratch. 💯

Instead, Engineering Managers can focus on building better Engineering Teams without worrying about the Engineering Handbook Website itself. 🤘


  • Easy to Setup ✅
  • Free to Use ( OpenSource ) ✅
  • Fully Responsive ✅
  • Super Fast and Optimized for SEO ✅


The project is made with HTML, CSS, some JavaScript, and Jekyll. Don't worry if you don't know any, I have provided the instructions on how to use the template and set up your own Engineering Handbook in the file inside the Github Repository.

  • Check out the Github Repository 👨‍💻
  • Drop a Github Star ⭐ 😉
  • Fork the Repository 🍴
  • Start using it for your own Engineering Handbook 🙌

The Demo Link of the template shows you what it will look like ✅

Hope this Engineering Handbook Template will help you in your journey as an Engineering Manager / Developer 😇

Important 😸

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