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The Engineering Handbook

We’ve been working on codifying some of our working practices here into an Engineering Handbook.

I've found that the key ingredients to empower autonomous teams are ownership, trust, and a common language.

We want every team to own our customers’ success. As opposed to a static command and control model, we start from a position of trust in every team and continually work together to verify the quality, security, and reliability of a product.

We then scale this practice by ensuring our engineers have a common language. This includes a set of principles, rituals, and expectations to which they can align. The outcome is a loosely coupled and highly aligned system that empowers our teams to move fast, make decisions, and come up with innovative solutions that propel us forward.

Take a look at our live Engineering Handbook

We want to share the way we work with everyone, to help improve teams across industries. Hopefully, our learnings will help you build autonomous teams and ingrain ownership in your own organisation.

If you would like to build your own Engineering Handbook, feel free to fork my GitHub Repo.

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Very cool!

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