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Discussion on: Should I Accept This Idea or Project?

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giang vincent
  1. It's not a paid project. It's like a personal project. And yeah I do for free and for myself of course.
  2. The other one do not have any knowledge about coding so I do all the code, he only know how to design and work with photoshop. This is his idea and he kind of have a plan.
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Max Ong Zong Bao Author

Then you have answered your question as that is a passion/side project/volunteer. Which is subjected to your interest in continuing but at a reduced scope or just drop it.

For me personally, I would ask if there is anyway to monetize it now. So to get paid for both you and your friend's effort's. If not I won't do it, as I'm not coming in as a volunteer work.

Which I do volunteer in a lot of things. but I do it to build relationships and help a cause without getting paid most of the time.