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Discussion on: [Road to Job] #5 Done School. Now what?

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congrats on graduating, i'm sure that's a huge relief to have that done with...even more impressive that you did it on your own terms, i know a lot of people who wound up not pursuing their actual interest/passion and they pretty much have miserable lives now...even if it's rough for a little bit in adjusting, it's much better from my own personal experience and what i know of others who have gone thru similar situations, to try and change into a career related to that interest ASAP.

might wanna take a look into joining up on hackathons that are happening all of the time, currently, in web3 where i do some work. there are SO many projects that are very promising and since it is a very fast growing part of the industry, you stand a good likelihood of making connections with people which will prove beneficial longer-term as well. it's happened for me and others i know, the amount of jobs that are needed to be filled is insane, it reminds me of how the internet was growing during the run-up to the dot-com boom of the 90s.

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Thank you so much!! Means a lot reading that validation, I appreciate it cuz it has not been easy haha.

Wow!!! How have I not heard of web3 before....
From what I can tell from preliminary research, it seems I need to start by learning about blockchain I think...

How did you get into doing work in web3 and do you have any recommendations for a newbie like me to get into it?

Cheers and thanks for the comment✊🏾