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My dad was an IT guy, so we always had computers around (old defunct ones) so I was more of a hardware kid building and taking apart computers. Got to later in high school realized what I could actually do with software. Made some small bots to buy hyped clothing. Now i'm in college learning the brick and mortar basics of programming theory and such. The hardest part for me is being in college is unlearning the bad habits of coding that I made when I was younger (but isn't that everyone with bad habits). So far i've got about 3 years of being really into programming that's not an on and off again deal.

Oh and I use Java and Python. I first started off with Python tutorials from reddit and codecademy

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Allan N Jeremy Author

Awesome, thanks for sharing Kwesi. I get jealous of people who grew up taking apart computers as kids. Must have been awesome having an IT conscious dad