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Discussion on: React StudyBoard (React, Hooks, Redux...)

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Giovanni Incammicia

Good job! I bet you had fun, it looks like a project from which you could learn a lot (not a simple todo app).
I read in your github repo that you're planning to use PropTypes for type verification. If you like a suggestion, I'd say right now it's better to go with Typescript.
Mainly because it's the same language you would use to validate your types on a server, so you can share (or simply copy-paste if you don't manage to get a shared folder, which can be tricky) your types. Using PropTypes (which is a great lib, by the way), you'd be finding yourself rewriting the same validation in a different language.

Also, most projects use Typescript now, so learning it opens up many doors.

Just my two cents, you've done an amazing job already. :D

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jesusramirezs Author

Thank you Giovanni for your words. I definitely also have to consider Typescript for the job. Your clarification about how it works is really timely.

Yes, I had fun with this project, I love everything about education and tech. Some parts have been a little challenge for me, especially when trying to face the most correct and robust approach.

There are still issues to improve and functionalities to develop. I have lots of ideas so it's time to start prioritizing...