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Discussion on: Why being a good programmer barely requires programming at all.

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I'mAHopelessDev • Edited

in a dark basement on your own thrashing out some code

omg, that is so true lol

one thing that might be worth mentioning (slightly tangential, but it came to mind when reading this article): math.

for example, my highest level of math is basic mathematics at my community college, and then one "math in society" course, that's it! all i needed to get my AA. my friend on discord was in algebra in 9th grade, while i was in special math classes all the way until graduation...

in programming, a lot of languages have all these built in math methods for you (well, the ones i've used: crystal, php, julia, javascript). one might think a programmer needs to be a highly skilled mathematician. a programmer merely needs to put pieces of the puzzle (the programming language) together in a cohesive project/app that allows humans to utilize it. whether it's in a beneficial way, an automated way, or whatever. that's it.

however, what i just said is highly subjective.. because a "programmer" is such a broad word. programmer of what? are you working with nvidia to write low level driver code? making a game using an engine? following thechernoproject's c++ tutorial and making your own engine? writing your own programming language? programming in html/css to make your site fancy? only a few of these actually require deep understanding of math.

i feel that today in society, when calling someone a programmer, people automatically think they are some math magician.

i think that's not fair to the people who are actually skilled in mathematics. i'm certainly not and i don't feel right when i take credit of being good at math, when i know basically nothing and just use helper methods..

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Justyn Clark

Dan Abramov admits to not being great at math

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Chris Bertrand Author

Yeah you're right, I'm terrible at math. Luckily that hasn't hindered my career up to now.

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Desolo Sub Humus 🌎🌍

How does one go about programming in html/css? While HTML and CSS are coding languages, they are not programming languages. HTML is markup and CSS is styling; neither involves scripting or programming of any sort.

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Pooria A

"Programming doesn't require math"

Tell it to game developers, blockchain developers and AI/ML/Data Mining algo library authors to get a meaningful smile back!