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I have mixed feelings. I'm one of those many people who really hated microsoft a while ago. Though, I liked a few of their products. I liked C# as a language and despite that initially it looked like a Java clone, it forced Java to introduce new features like generics which they initially were against.

I also like the openness they lately adopted towards open source. They seem to understand better than any other large company that the code is not important, but the people behind it. I migrated from Java to Typescript and JS and I'm a big fan of both and of VSCode.

I think their plan is to make it easy to deploy from github to Azure in order to get some competitive advantage against AWS. If they don't desperately try to lock people in, I don't think people will mind. So, as I just said, I have mixed feelings. I started to look for github alternatives and I created a small site listing them: Funny enough the site is hosted on github so if you want to add something to it you can do it by forking and creating pull requests...

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