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GitHub Docs are Open Source

GitHub is giving you the power. At GitHub, we believe in the collective power of the community. The community has so much to offer and everyone is so knowledgeable. That's why, this October, we open sourced our GitHub Docs.

We wanted to give you the power to shape the documentation you know and love. We're encouraging you to engage, discuss, collaborate, and contribute to the docs that make your life easier.

Whether you're a first time contributor or a veteran to open source, the Docs team wants you. Contributions are welcome from everyone, no matter what background or skill level.

GitHub Docs are written in markdown which most people are familiar with. Even if you're not, markdown is relatively easy to learn and understand. The Docs website is written in JavaScript and Node. Since the two are separated - the website and the Docs - you don't need to be a JavaScript expert to contribute to GitHub Docs.

Contribute to GitHub Docs

There's lots of ways to get involved. If you have an idea, open a discussion. Start chatting with other people who have opened discussions too. If you'd like to update something, go for it! Open an issue to get started with your contributions. And if you want to work on a specific issue or feature request, open a pull request.

Plus there's lots of other ways to be involved too, and tonnes of plans for the future of GitHub Docs. Head over to the Docs website to check it out and enter to repo to get started today. We're looking forward to seeing lots of you engaging in GitHub Docs and we're excited to bring the power of GitHub Docs back to the community.

GitHub logo github / docs

The open-source repo for

GitHub Docs

This repository contains the documentation website code and Markdown source files for

GitHub's Docs team works on pre-production content in a private repo that regularly syncs with this public repo.

Use the table of contents icon on the top left corner of this document to get to a specific section of this guide quickly.


See the contributing guide for detailed instructions on how to get started with our project.

We accept different types of contributions, including some that don't require you to write a single line of code.

On the GitHub Docs site, you can click the make a contribution button at the bottom of the page to open a pull request for quick fixes like typos, updates, or link fixes.

For more complex contributions, you can open an issue using the most appropriate issue template to describe the changes you'd like to see.

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