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I think, if is to make a discussion about something,
first we MUST define the place that the discussion refers to.
And i explain what i mean. We are in 2018, many and big changes happening in the web development.

Net is full with virtual servers. Most of the sites we visit,
now run, in virtual servers, big machines with many-many QEmu, ( or another
container technology), running apache/nginx/php, with very limited
resources, disk space or memory.

Too many develop frameworks. In what? In javascript. Write js code,
or compile, js code. Most of the ( almost all of them, vunerlable, by
content injection).

Mozilla, a very big browser, change complete its structure,
follow the style Chrome.
Why ? To better support running APPS.

So what is APP ? What has to do with a server ?
An APP have to do NOTHING with a server. APP is Javascript code,
that transfer the functionality of a server,
completly in the clients' browser !!!
Many sites now, follow this methology. Many home computers,
become unstable, when their browsers visit may of theese sites,
because of not enough RAM, big browser cache, and huge swap files.

Let's see ''.
Performance metrics, is most about Javascript.
If you want to measure something about PHP,
only the server response time, is about.

What i want to say, we must make clear for what we speak.
For Server development, or for Site development, is not the same.

To take a graphic program, and with your mouse to put some buttons,
images, and some text, and complile this as a HTML, this dont make you
a Server developer, and PHP have to do nothing with this.

To develop a Server, deal with security, make responses
base on headers, or queries, and many times this functionality,
must stay hidden for the user, for several reasons, privacy,
security, even if the author dont want to publish its code.
In this process the king is PHP, and i speak again about Servers,
not Sites' pages.

PHP is a scripting language that delivers HEADERS and HTML, nothing else.
Who is real developer, can do ANYTHING just with this.

Can you imagine, facebook, google, youtube, banks,
or other huge public sites, to base their functionality,
on something else than PHP, like client side javascript,
or server side NodeJS ?

We walk on dangerous paths, or not so secure one.
No matter what they say, privacy and security, is not the main concern
of the modern way of Web design.
If you want to do this, you must do this.

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