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Future of On-Demand Economy | Rise of On-Demand Apps | Global Vincitore

globalvincitore profile image Global Vincitore ・3 min read

On-demand apps and on-demand services!! Well, we all have heard these terminologies many times, so what are these on-demand services and apps??

On-demand services can be defined as providing goods and services to the customers within a minimal period of time. Whereas on-demand apps can be considered as a connector between customers and different businesses, it’s basically the mobile application that has been developed to provide a more efficient, convenient, and easier way of services to the customers.

This new technology has mostly covered all the sectors of the businesses which include travel, transportation, laundry, food delivery, education, grocery, blue-collar service, healthcare, beauty, and fashion products. In short we can say that customers are now just a few taps away from these services.

Such apps and services are in high demand now a days while considering the current scenario of COVID-19 being digitally connected with the world has become the basic need of every industry.

Annual On-Demand Economy Spending

These new applications and services have completely transformed the way businesses use to serve their customers, while on the other hand, it has made things easier and more feasible for everyone. Many businesses have also made affords to change their business model to provide better service experience to their customers.

Today almost every industry has realized the importance of being connected digitally with their customers and the rest of the world, most of all the industries are using on-demand service.

let’s check out which are the top 5 industries that have been benefited from on demand applications and services:

Food Industry:

Online food delivery apps have become radical for the restaurant industry, in today’s era people who have been stuck with their tight schedule and the bachelors who are staying away from their families are mostly dependent on restaurant food due to which there has been a spurt in the food delivery apps.

Few apps like Swiggy and Zomato have become the most popular food delivery apps while many of the big and small food brands have developed their own apps. On one side, food delivery apps have helped users to order appetizing food online from their comfort zone.on the other hand, it has given an opportunity to the restaurant owners to expand their business to the larger area.

On-Demand Food Delivery Market Scope:

on demand food deliery market scope

Image Source: Appinventive

At the same time by using apps like Grofers and big basket users can buy groceries online at the best price and can get delivered at their doorsteps. While applications like “Foodjugaad” are offering features like contactless ordering system for the restaurants which have been on high demand during this pandemic situation.

Seeing the growth of on-demand food delivery service, more new startups and restaurants have been started.

This article originally posted on Global Vincitore website.

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