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IMO (in JS at least), binary operator use for non-binary are good if you know what you're dealing with.

const a = b || default; // Fallback to default if b is not set or falsy !!!

const a = condition && b; // Take the value of b when condition is truthy

const a = (condition && b) || c; // Yay, one-line conditionnal
 // Take the value of b if truthy or fallback to c if falsy

I took care to write "falsy" and "truthy" because:

return data.filter(something) || "fallback"; // never get to fallback

But when filter is empty, it should have took "fallback" ?

Yes, but empty array [] is truthy.

But you should never care about the number of lines you write. Ninja coder can write this methods in 1 lines ? Whatever, I'll use 10 lines and have a clear code-base.

const filteredBySomething = data.filter(something);
if (!filteredBySomething.length) {
  return "fallback";
return filteredBySomething;

But in (condition && b) || c, if condition were true and b were false (or zero), it would return c. So that's not a correct implementation of a ternary operator.


Indeed, that's part of my point. You can do without ternary with some trickery, but best solution is to split it into real if else over multiple lines.

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