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Discussion on: what should I do to reach from beginner to advanced level js developer?

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Guillaume Martigny

Well, I'm not an expert, but I know one thing for sure:
"You have nothing more to do other than practice."

You know what, don't become an expert. The day you think you know everything, that where you start to wither. Learn every days, follow smart people on twitter, read random articles on, play around with new JS techs ...

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Practice, that I know but what projects to do or any kind of inspiration that I don't have after doing the 9to5 routine.

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Guillaume Martigny

Don't push it. If you don't find inspiration to code, do something else.

Maybe write an article about something cool you've done at work.

Maybe write a fix to that annoying bug on your favorite tool (hoping its open-source).

Maybe write some tests or documentation on one of your old projects.

Each time you find something you can't easily do with existing tools, you have a new project idea.

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aurel kurtula • Edited

I'd recommend writing tutorials!

you don't need to publish them. Pretend you have a large audience and you need to keep pushing out tutorials. For example, teach them what Nested Software said. They don't need a project they need to learn how to create "api with Node".

The more you do this the easier it will become to find projects.

When I do this, project ideas come easy, I'm deep in code so they are bound to come. What I do with tutorials I've written here is the same idea, mini projects

Find an easy way to take notes, a way that doesn't get in the way (I have this "system", I leave sublime open in the background).