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Thanks for the article.
I see you've publish to GPR, would you recommend other to do the same ? In other words, is it worth the time to publish to GPR as of now ?

I'm glad to see some concurrence on NPM, but I can't see any use for GPR as it is.


To be honest, the packages I published to GPR were mainly just to try it out. Right now, I don't see any compelling reasons to use it over NPM for public packages, especially due to great projects on the npm ecosystem such as Pika CDN/CI.

On the other hand, it's very easy to cross-publish to both registries so I also don't see a reason why I wouldn't publish future package on both platforms. Handing over the choice of which registry to use to the package consumer. Plus, it's good future proofing for when/if GPR will become more popular.

The main "issue" from a package author perspective is that the package must be scoped (which I personally think is a good thing). So moving existing, public packages (that aren't already scoped) to the GPR becomes a pretty difficult task, for both authors and consumers.

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