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From what I understand of you situation:

  • You like dev
  • You're starting to being proficient at it
  • You bored by tutos
  • You have time for more
  • You haven't found motivation

Basically, you have the "blank page" syndrome or "writer's block". So that's totally a normal part of your journey.

I won't give better advises than the herd you can find on the Internet, but here what's working for me:

  • Start small and then go smaller (doing a thousand little piece is more rewarding)
  • Don't bandwagon (doing the same thing as everyone else is not fun)
  • Try weird stuff (inspiration come in many form, play around with every feature you can find) All my dev stem from me not being able to find the tool I want. I created Pencil.js more than a year ago because I couldn't find an OOP drawing library.

Good luck 😉

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