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Discussion on: 8 Reasons Why Git is so Popular

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Tobias Günther Author

Yeah, I understand what you mean. Git had taken (and risked) a fresh approach in many more ways, I think. With the disadvantage of introducing a steeper learning curve. But, in my opinion, it's absolutely worth it!

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Andrew Clayton

Maybe my comment wasn't clear. I was referring to Mercurial as weird.

Before using Git I had used BitKeeper (with the Linux kernel source. BitKeeper's use by some of the kernel hackers, including Linus, was always controversial due its license and non-compete clauses and its use eventually became untenable, Andrew Tridgell's infamous LCA talk being the straw that broke the camels proverbial back and Larry McVoy basically saying, guys, you need to find some other solution... that other solution was Git) and of course Git was partly influenced by Bitkeeper. So yes, I've been a happy Git user for > 10 years...