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Discussion on: How I Switched Careers Into Tech With No Degree In My Mid 30's

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Just the inspiration I needed to continue to push towards my dream. I have a good job with good pay, just isn’t what my passion is. I started freelancing in 2007, but had to stop in 2009 when my son was born. I have a degree, but in business. It has always felt like I gave up on that dream of working in web development. I started doing nearly exactly what you have been doing back in April. My wife is super supportive too.

Since I didn’t started from pure scratch, I’m already decent with React, Typescript, and node. Really just focusing on frontend and pumping out projects to showcase. Doing free work to get those relevant repetitions.

I sincerely appreciate you sharing your story. It gives me a lot of motivation to see this to the end. I am a terrible networker, even though I know the steps to do what I need to do. Any advice on connecting more intimately with the dev crowd?

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Will Johnson Author

Hey Caleb! Thanks for reading! That's dope you have supportive wife!

It's conversations going on try to get involved and add your input and anything helpful. the key to networking is being helpful. if you're decent with React it's plenty of people who would love to be decent. Blog about what you know