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re: IMHO the "solution" to switching SSGs is to use Gatsby. Why? React Components are universal, so it doesn't really matter if you switch your SSG to ...

Indeed, there are dozens of solutions available and as such the choice for one is quite subjective. For me, Jigsaw was a natural migration given the PHP base, with Blade + Markdown templates.


Sure; it's a good SSG indeed. What I mean though is that you're using the SSG as a framework, an whenever you change the framework, you'll have to more or lesd rewrite your app. Using Gatsby you're writing your site/app/whatever using standard (JSX) using a library (React) - makes migration much easier later on. Not saying you're approach is wrong, I just think that it's time to stop writing web sites and rather start writing web apps (which may be implemented by a SSG, and can be just as static) ;)

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