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What would you describe as self-taught and what would you describe as taught?

If you watch a video course is that being self-taught or tutored? Do you have to be learning things in real time with another person for it to count as "being taught"?

Have most of us had something explained to us by someone else, I'm guessing yes. Have we looked at blogs and YouTube videos? Yes. Do we have to Google things and look at stack overflow? Yes. Do we try things, get them wrong, then try again and get them right? Yes. This is teaching yourself this is learning.

I'm not sure any developer could identify as non self-taught in some way.


I think generally self-taught refers to people who didn’t go to college/university to obtain their skills. Ultimately whether your self-taught or not, you are learning from someone whether it’s the creator of the product or someone teaching it.

I think the main difference between being “taught” or self-taught comes down to ambition, the ability to seek out the resources to learn the thing you want rather than just doing waiting for it to be given, having the patience to struggle through it when things get hard because you’re the only one on that particular path, and probably most importantly the ability to come up with a self-guided “curriculum” or path your learning will take.

That’s not to bash on people who are “taught”. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Ive been pretty much self taught and now I’m in school for my bachelors degree in software development, so I have experience with both. It’s really just a matter of whether you want someone to guide you or if you want to guide yourself.

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