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Discussion on: What's the last piece of software that you paid money for?

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Matthew D. Miller

I'm a Linux user, and the stereotype is that we're not willing to pay for software, so often I don't even have the option of buying software. Many companies only make their product for Windows and/or Mac. There are some companies I would happily buy their product, but it simply won't run on my computer, so I have to find an alternative.

The last software I bought was Fade In. I had tried a few free screenwriting apps such as Celtx and Trelby, but none really hit the spot. Fade In has been a great purchase. It works on Linux. On top of that, I bought it years ago (it's been a long time since I bought software) and I've been able to download every new version since I bought it without paying any extra or having to buy an upgrade.