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Discussion on: Vulnerability allows cross-browser tracking in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Tor

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Dan Jones

This is interesting, but I saw different results with your demo site.

On Firefox, it worked as described. The pop-ups, though, were very obvious, and it seems unlikely that any user would keep a window open that's doing that long enough for it to be useful.

On Chrome, since I'm using Linux, it mentioned that it might not work right. It didn't. It ran, but the apps it reported were incorrect.

I also tried LibreWolf, which is based on Firefox. It didn't open pop-up windows, though. It opened in the same window, with a CAPTCHA, and the dialog asking me to allow it to launch Skype. I just clicked "Cancel", as anybody would if they weren't trying to launch Skype, and it stopped.

I also tried Eolie, which I believe is Chromium-based. It brought up the captcha page in the same window, and a completely different dialog asking me to launch apps. It also brought them up so quickly that my computer got bogged down until I quit the app.

Finally, I tried Epiphany, which is the default browser in some lightweight distros. It tried, but crashed the browser.