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Discussion on: How Can You Get Noticed Without a Github Account?

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Dan Jones • Edited on

GitLab? Codeberg? SourceHut? Self-host your own Gitea instance on DigitalOcean? Launchpad is such a weird suggestion.

There's lots of more traditional git forges besides GitHub.

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Fernando Doglio Author

There are indeed, but many of them are also out of reach!
The point is not to list alternatives to github, but rather, alternative methods to share your experience.

Check out similar disucssions here:
And look, gitlabs also has a similar problem like github:

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Dan Jones

I get that. The point of my comment is that suggesting Launchpad seems an odd choice. It's not as well suited for showing off work as the others I mentioned.

And although has the same access issues that GitHub has, I don't believe Codeberg does. And a self-hosted GitLab or gitea instance wouldn't have these issues at all.