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Discussion on: Playstation Store redesign – the biggest UX Failure of 2020

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Gord Lacey

I went to the store today and looked at some of the sales. No way to sort in any manner, so the Sims 4 DLC is all over the place (not what I was looking for, just something I noticed). As you mentioned it's impossible to know what something is without clicking on it. I thought they had "Life is Strange Season 2" for $5.99 CAN, which I'd definitely pick up, but then I saw more and more icons that were slightly different. Turns out it was Episode 4 I was looking at. I'm sure there was a "complete season" there somewhere, but I wasn't able to find it. A horrible, horrible mess. I guess the good news is that when they're trying to figure out why sales dropped on the store, it'll be pretty easy to figure out why.

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Julia Nash

That has happened to me too in Steam - I sift through different Life is Strange episodes trying to find the first one and keep getting recommended to anything but the first episode, then have to Google what the first episode looks like to find it. Once I did though, wow what a great and heartfelt game, some of the decisions within the game can be so cringey though too! I still think about my decisions sometimes 😂