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Deploy static websites on Azure App Services

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So let's start

  • First of all open Azure Portal
  • Open Azure CLI in the portal, or you can also login in your local terminal.
  • Create a resource group:
    az group create --name myResourceGroup --location "West Europe"
  • Create an App Service Plan:
    az appservice plan create --name myAppServicePlan --resource-group myResourceGroup --sku FREE
  • Create Web App:
    az webapp create --resource-group myResourceGroup --plan myAppServicePlan --name  --runtime "PHP|7.4" --deployment-local-git
    az --% webapp create --resource-group myResourceGroup --plan myAppServicePlan --name  --runtime "PHP|7.4" --deployment-local-git
    You should see something below as the output:
    Local git is configured with url of ''
      "availabilityState": "Normal",
      "clientAffinityEnabled": true,
      "clientCertEnabled": false,
      "cloningInfo": null,
      "containerSize": 0,
      "dailyMemoryTimeQuota": 0,
      "defaultHostName": "",
      "enabled": true,
      < JSON data removed for brevity. >
  • Now navigate to

    And you should see page like below

  • Alt Text
      Now navigate to your project directory in your local
    • Create a new file named
      in your project root and write the following line in the file:
  • Next, create a composer.json file in the root directory and write the following in it:
  • First, lets use git to initialize or create a version of the site we want to deploy:
    git init
  • Then, we will add all the files to the git repository.
    git add .
  • Commit the changes
    git commit -m "Initial Commit"
  • Add the remote of Azure Repo:
    git remote add azure your-deploymentLocalGitUrl-from-create-step
  • git push azure master
  • Navigate here and your website is live 🎉🎉
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