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Congrats on getting over the terminal fear! Now your family and friends will think you're a super-hacker even if all you do is cd around and cat stuff.

Btw. I tried to cp -r test test and it gives me cp: cannot copy a directory, 'test', into itself, 'test/test' :(


Hmmm... that is weird! I actually had to recreate this issue by memory because I kinda forgot how I did it the first time. Anyway, initially when I tried to recreate it I just went to type in cp test test and go the message:

cp: test is a directory (not copied).

But then I remembered to involve the -r and the infinite folder situation played out as expected. In fact, I just tested it again to make sure I'm not going crazy.

Could it be because I'm working with Terminal on Mac? Or possibly that I have no extra frills installed.

I'm on version 2.9.1:

my terminal version

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