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Discussion on: Less Popular But Essential HTML Tags

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Grace Snow

I'm not sure main is a "less popular" element tbh though. That's pretty standard, like header and footer

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James Sinkala Author

Surprising as it is it's not used as much as it should be or we assume it is, especially compared to the header and footer elements. I tried checking a number of random websites including top sites such as Google (results page), Twitter, Instagram🤔, Medium, Geeksforgeeks etc and could not find it in their source code, though some e.g Google use the ARIA role="main" in its place (I guess partly in consideration of IE 11 users).
It is a limited set of data that I've based this on for my lack of knowledge of a better way to collect such stats, but it got me thinking that it just might not be as popular/used as I think it is.