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BIG congrats to all!

Grand Prize Winners: @mazentouati , @kewbish , @projectescape

Runner-Up Winners: @wobsoriano , @sharon , @krishnakakade , @signalnerve , @philnash , @jasmin , @benhayehudi , @emma , @katieraby , @ari_hacks

Echoing Ben that you are all making the internet a better place for all kinds of creators! Thank you so much for your participation and creativity. We'll work on getting these prizes out 😊


Wow!! Cannot believe it, so excited. A massive congratulations to all the winners and runners up, so many fantastic projects and so proud to be among them. 🎉


Delighted to have picked up a runner-up prize!

Congratulations to the winners, other runners-up and everyone who built something!


Yeah congrats to all team who participated and winners also thanks to Hally for working this project and congratulations to @katieraby @wobsoriano


So exciting that @elliot and I received a Runner-up award for our project Akita 😁 Thank you for this opportunity - we've learned so much!

Huge congrats to all the winners and runners up, lots of super interesting projects from everyone 🙌 Awesome to see all the thought and time put into building up Web Monetization!


What a thrill this morning to wake up and see I've made it to a runner-up state! Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about web monetization and to think about tooling around it for backend developers. I went from not hearing about it before this to knowing a bit more as a result! :)

Congrats to the winners and all the runners-up!

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