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Working with Models in Rails vs Node

greedybrain profile image Naya Willis ・2 min read

Directory structure (And still growing)

So far, throughout my Node.js learning journey it's been quite fun. Me personally, I love to have my code organized. So, what I've done was mimic rails like architecture. I created and app folder, and inside this app folder I have a few other folders such as models, controllers, routes, middleware, and tests. I didn't use 100% of rails architecture but just enough to help me have an organized directory structure.

Alt Text

Modeling an object

I come from a rails background so seeing the way Node deals with Models is a tad different, but not "oh my god, what the hell" different. Say we had a model named 'Note' representing something that a user writes. The note has a title, and content. In rails you would define your schema within a migration file like so:

def change
     create_table :notes do |t|
          t.string :title
          t.string :content
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You would then go inside your note.rb file to define any validations and associations like so:

class Notes < ActiveRecord::Base
     validates :title, :content, presence: true

     belongs_to :user
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This is what it would look like in rails. Pretty straightforward huh? Now, let's check out modeling inside of a Node project.

You define the schema and validations within the note.js file. By the way I'm using the MongoDB database which is a non-relational database. You associate your models using referencing and embedding as opposed to belongs to or has many. Let's define a Note schema and validations. I'll be using the Joi npm package to assist in the validation of a note.

Alt Text

Simple enough?

FYI, the validations defined within the Schema will do just fine. Using the joi package is a plus, setting up some validations on the client side.

To associate a note with a User, you can simply embed the schema into a user. So a user will have an array of NoteSchemas (Every created note).

It'll look a little something like this:

Alt Text

If you take a look at the notes property defined in the UserSchema, we set the type to [NoteSchema]. This indicates that the user "has many" notes.

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