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Discussion on: I've hit a brick wall. How do I progress as a React Dev and other confusions.

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Alex Boutin

Hey there!
No language would be more or less oriented for a SOLID approach, but learning Typescript can never hurt for a career since it will help you grow as a developer compared to using only Javascript.

Most challenge as a dev who want to apply best practice is.. well applying best practice from the start. It's easy to write spaghetti code and tell yourself you'll change it moving forward, but if you get guidelines (something like that) and apply them from the start, it's always easier to go forward.

Another thing I find that help, is finding other people to look at your projects. Working alone remove the pressure to do something SOLID.

If you are looking for experience that will tell companies "Look here, I know what I'm doing" don't give up. it took me 6 months to find a good Dev job that I like, but something that can help getting attraction is focusing where you want to apply and making your resume look like their website (I'm trying to find the posting here on Dev that mentioned it, will edit when I find it). It gives a punch and help you make things according to a wireframe instead of just what seems easy.

Anyway, hope my comment helps,
Have a great day!