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Discussion on: What's the most scared you've ever been as a developer?

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Gregor Gonzalez

My story: I was told to update a system in production, we do it via SCP or SSH (we didn't know about git at the time), but this was the only client whose server was not local and was uploading files from our server to their server external, it took 1h: 40min (from local to local it was less than 5min) so they could not work during that time 😬. To workaround I started uploading to a different folder and then doing a local to local copy in production which took seconds without interrupting, then I learned git and thought "this could help a lot"

A story from a friend: He started at the same job as me, he was making a copy of a production database on our local test server, so he made a dump file and then ran the file. One day he did not check which server he was logged in to and inadvertently ran the file that dropped the entire production database 😳 fortunately it was a recent backup and the client lost only 1 hour of work, we called and informed them about the problem, so they had to re-record the missing information.