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Discussion on: Why nobody hires junior developers and what happens next

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Gregory Witek Author

Hey! Yeah, of course it's a generalization. There are still companies that hire juniors, there are companies doing interhships etc. But somehow we ended up in a situation where senior developers can get 5 offers to choose from in a couple of weeks, while people looking for their first job struggle to even get interviews. So there is a demand for developers, but everyone wants the experienced ones.

There's a lot of ways in which newcomers can get sufficient knowledge, portfolio and certification on their own, e.g. through FreeCodeCamp. And they should be able to sell themselves for their strengths

I agree with you here, there are tons of resources that can help people build knowledge and portfolio. At the same time there's some kind of problem, either with the way we teach how to get the first job in tech, or in the way people use the resources. I keep seeing resumes that link to an empty GitHub profile, resumes that mention 2 projects where both are made from walkthrough tutorials. I'm not sure whether people don't know how to build something more creative, or whether they don't know they should do that to increase their chances?

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They need to learn to sell themselves. And yes portfolio & good CV is an essential part of it, but cover letter is where you need to get creative. It needs to be personal and needs to show what you can do for this particular project. There are people on the other end of the job offer and they are inevitably looking for people.