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Discussion on: Your feedback on my website portfolio!

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Greg Sithole • Edited on

Just a couple of suggestions:

  • Maybe use a different box-shadow for your cards. Have a look at these card designs:
  • Responsiveness is an issue, so maybe look into using Bulma/Bootstrap as your frontend framework
  • Font is not that great, so maybe have a look at (What I like about it, is the give you an idea which secondary font to use)
  • Have a look at I like some of the designs that they put there, it helps give an idea what design you'd aim for.
  • In terms of section, I think you're fine... Just the ordering... I'd start off with the about section, projects and then finally the contact me section
  • Lastly, I like the contact me icons that you're using but change your .medialinks to use the following padding: padding: 20px 30px;, so that way you have a full circle

Overall it's a good start. :)

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Sara °°° Author

Greg, Thank you so much for the detailed suggestions and provided links :)
Well noted. Am working on updating the website :D

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Greg Sithole

Glad I could help, Sara. Good luck and hopefully you an amazing portfolio soon