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Discussion on: The floor is lava: a realistic approach to work-life balance

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Plamen Ivanov

Also stopped reading at "I’m guessing that if men were generally the ones who carried babies maternity leave would start the second the pregnancy test came back positive." and a few other sexist remarks.

As somebody who just had a baby and can go on a 2 year paid maternity/paternity leave starting from any moment of the pregnancy I think that maybe the problem is not whether you are a man or a woman, but that you live in a country with unfair healthcare system, so stop being so sexist and stop blaming the opposite gender.

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rinaarts Author

I actually don't live in the US, we have paid maternity leave. That doesn't cancel out sexism and patriarchy, you know. Calling my remarks sexist is just ignoring the realities of many women. But if you don't want to keep reading that's just fine.