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Discussion on: Productivity Hacks To Get Things Done. No BS.

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Giorgos Sarigiannidis • Edited on

11: Leave everything for the last minute, until you have absolutely no choice but to sit and work like crazy. It will help you focus like nothing else!

Just kidding, the tips are valid and I try to follow most of them. When it comes to music, though, I can only listen to it when the task is boring/trivial. If it requires more thinking, I prefer to keep it quiet, as music becomes a distraction.

One other tip that I believe it to be important and I am guilty of not following as often as I should, is this: If you find yourself unable to focus, don't just stare at the monitor or fool around on Facebook. Close your computer, go for a brief walk and come back in half an hour to resume your work.

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Niharika Singh ⛓ Author

I couldn't agree more with that- instead of spending time on social media or checking your mail to declutter your mind from work, one should take a walk.

Thanks for sharing!