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There was a big push in the late 90's by CWA (Communication Workers of America) to try to organize some tech workers under the WashTech name but it seems to have fallen off quite a bit, and they don't seem to be listed on CWA's page anymore.

From a personal perspective, I have a few questions about trying this:

  1. Would software development even fit with a traditional U.S. style Trade Union, with the large number of independent contractors, agencies, and freelancers out there, and how many different ways there are to "do development"?
  2. From a U.S. perspective, we are part of an industry where off-shoring happens at large corporations even without having to deal with a collective bargaining agreement, will those same corporations think twice about moving to a place without a union if they now have to negotiate for labor?
  3. There's also a question of which union group out there really understands software development enough to be effective in representing software developers and the industry's needs?

I'm not sure any of them really do at this point in time. I suppose someone out there may find a way to organize, but I'm not sure it'll be anytime soon.

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