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re: I don't completely get the "mutual follow" rule. If I'm a newcomer and want to talk to you, I can't do so. I can follow you and hope you follow ba...

Would this be something that allowing a toggle option could handle? That way, if you're open to communicating with anyone and everyone, you can enable that feature, while allowing other people that just want to communicate with their mutual followers that option as well? If that wouldn't work, perhaps adding a "second" room could solve that problem? Have one that allows open communication with anyone (like an IRC chat room) while offering another that only allows for people you're connected with. It's an interesting situation either way...

Sorry if this is a newbie question, is there a place for feature request/discussion that would be a better place for this?

There already is a "public" room where anyone can interact, and I guess if someone wants to communicate with someone privately they can post there to request a follow, but I doubt that's ideal.

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