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re: Programming is not an art. Programming is an exact science!

Software is the use of language.
Language is an art.


Software is the product of a programming language applied to specific requirements.

Programming languages can be applied artistically (as any means of expression can be perceived in an artistic context), should they though?

What is your primary goal of writing software, self expression? or building the next killer app?

If it's the later I'd stick with what I know works consistently and dependably and leave the artistic pondering for my css framework of choice and the marketing dpt.

Now that I think of it even natural languages are not art, what they really are is the sum of their rule set (spelling, grammar, syntax). It's subsequent use case scenario isn't necessarily part of their nature (French is the exception that justifies the rule, according to a quote from the Matrix "Cursing in french is like wiping your ass with silk").

For a final point I'll just say this: If programming language is the means of artistic expression, explain Perl.


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