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Discussion on: I'm a Meteor developer, Ask Me Anything!

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Guidouil ツ Ask Me Anything

I guess when people say "it does not scale"
Well it does if you code it well (as any language)
And most of the time people saying that do not know what real scaling is ^^
I can reach 1k synchronous connections on a VPS with 1 CPU and 1 GB of ram.

PHP, JAVA or Ruby do not scale ether without cache and CDNs...

Also it was not secure a long time ago (pre 0.5) so people think it's still the same I guess

And lastly, since it take much less time to code a single page app in Meteor, some developer think it's not quality... to me it's just a better tool :)

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Colin Rickels

Ya its scalability is definitely based on how familiar you are with it. Meteors so agnostic to how you structure it that its unfortunately really easy to screw up if you dont follow best practices. My projects undergone three different rewrites because of my lack of fully grasping meteors structure. Other frameworks are better for providing that structure in my opinion like rails and laravel. It scales wonderful though when written right.

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Guidouil ツ Ask Me Anything

Meteor just published 3 video yesterday and one is about to make you change your point of view about the scalability side ;)