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In 1984 my dad brought home an IBM PC Jr and I was facinated, but there wasn't much it could do. It did, however, come with a BASIC programming manual. As I got older I started playing with the book. I started writing simple choose your own adventures. I started making the computer do more things. I learned that computers were things I could control. Later we upgraded to a Tandy 386SX that could just barely play Doom, but I had to tweak the autoexec.bat and config.sys files to make sure nothing else loaded. Now I knew I could manipulate other software on a system and I was sold: I wanted to make computers make my life easier and more entertaining. Ultimately I got a degree in psychology and cognitive studies (because I was learning computers on my own, why pay somebody to certify I could do that?), but graduated as the tech bubble burst: I fought my way into professional software development by getting support positions until I found a company who let me submit patches from support.

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