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Discussion on: Secure ASP.NET Blazor WASM apps and APIs with Azure AD B2C

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I want to implement a Login/Sigin in a Blazor Server App but they require that the UI needs to be from the same domain in other words that when I Sign In I don't want to use a template or Azure redirection. It has to reach for another Net Core Api that connects with Azure AD B2C. How this could be done? Some mentioned ROPC but Microsoft don't recommend it, and other pointed me to this samples but I don't know if one of those could be use to do what I need.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Christos Matskas Author

Hi @guillem, thanks for reaching out. If your front end app (Blazor Server) doesn't need call the api securely, then you can skip authentication in the front end all together. However, I'm struggling to understand your scenario. Are you planning on taking the user's credentials in your front end and pass them to the API? Is the plan for your API to authenticate and validate the users using B2C? Thanks, CM