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Discussion on: The software development filter bubble

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One: Really like the reference to that blog post. I do front end and things move veerryy fast -- some good things... some not! Most things have changed since I just typed this up. Seriously. Don't know how my version of Chrome is functioning right now! lol ;)


I talk to more devs that work on very different things and I just envision myself banging my head against a wall all day and consider it the same thing that they just did.... It's more about me not understanding, however.

I tend to ask for reasons on why a certain stack was chosen. Sometimes it's resources, sometimes it's politics, sometimes it's business, sometimes it's just damnit-I-just-want-to-do-itness... although you want less of the latter in business sometimes depending.

I've heard of some people using really old languages because of prior tech existing and upgrading/changing it would impact so many different things, they'd rather hire the odd programmer, which can lead to other issues down the line, but that's a different conversation. But I don't see anything like... terrible?!... with the person?! I ask about future prospects though if they are specializing.

I try to use curiosity and try to understand to temper this judgement.