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Discussion on: NestJS: Could be amazing someday

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guledali • Edited

I agree with this post as well, I have used both django-rest and rails as api-only with jsonapi-serializer.

My opinion is this if your are large team(10+) and the team is split into frontent and backend team. I would still recommend Nest.JS even with it's rough edges as this article mentioned. The reason why is your codebase is fully typed as your application grows and you have models that are interconnected. The only way of surviving in a codebase like that, is with type-safety.

The bad part is as mentioned the fact database not configured when you start a new nest.js application, another one I would say is testing part of it. Looks really rough not as easy writing a controller spec/test with minitest/rspec or unittest/pytest same goes for writing model tests. Just to take an example the setup/before method in rails is usually 1 line or 2 lines of code. In nest.js you almost have to write 10 lines configuring before you can actually write any real testing.

My opinion if they where opinionated on the database layer(database-configured, migration, seed & test-fixtures).The could also simply the testing vastly, either abstract a way the configuring layer portion or design some helper methods around it.