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Discussion on: What are some of your biggest questions about Ruby on Rails? Answer to be featured on our podcast 🎧

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guledali • Edited on
  1. If would start today would you guys still use ruby on rails and how do you guys envision long term 5-10 years, code sustainability & finding local new talent pool?

  2. Why do you guys think ruby has decreased over the years and why so few jobs? What features do you like and enjoy from the latest release of rails 6.1 - 6.0 and what do you miss working in the ruby programming language and in dynamic languages in general.

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Jared White

Why has ruby decreased over the years and why so few jobs?

Can you share the statistic that shows Ruby has "decreased" (and compared to what?)? As for jobs, there literally aren't enough proficient Rails developers right now to satisfy demand.