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Here are mine:

  • Crashplan: In case your HD dies.
  • Fork: Fluent and user friendly git client, actively maintained.
  • Affinity Photo & Designer: User first design suit. I use it as a helper when implementing designs. I also use it as a personal photo editor for my hobby photography.
  • Shopify: We use it for our ecommerce startup with my wife. I prefer it because of its near to none maintenance overhead.
  • iOS project builder: Allows building, signing and publishing for iOS without a Mac. Indispensible tool if you develop cross platform (Unity 3D developer here). Also makes you wonder how Xcode is an awful development pipeline.
  • Github: Bandwidth for my open source projects.

I'd definitely echo the suggestion for Affinity!

I only recently picked up Affinity Designer (on sale!) and it's been brilliant for a bunch of different things: rough designs, easier icon/svg editing, mockups for different form factors, all sorts of things.

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