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Discussion on: Erase Distinctions Between Desktop and Mobile, Web and Native

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Guney Ozsan • Edited

Actually the real barrier is UX, not language. You have to design for each platform so that the app provides same user friendliness in all platforms. So platform here is mobile, VR, desktop, laptop...etc; not iOS, Android, Windows. This is exactly why new Windows start screen failed. There is no shared experience between a tablet and desktop. What is shared are just the information and actions (ex: my email content and an action that shows me the inbox).

Since this mostly means re-writing at least the experience of the app from scratch, it can be better to do it using platform tools. You can still use a common engine for the logic, which is especially easier if your app depends mostly on a back-end. For example in my opinion it is better to design a webpage separately for mobile and desktop than use a responsive design. It is not just touch vs mouse, your website should be able-to-be-used-while-walking, or while in toilet..etc

At this point I feel pretty sympathetic to Flutter where you design for mobile but not for iOS or Android, while still using their native interfaces. It is not surprising such a new language emerges while we start discussing similar topics. Also as a game developer I like how cross platgorm game engines work where experience matters more than the platform. I think every front-end developer and UX designer should do some games to get an idea of some hardcore experience designing.

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Dustin King Author

Looking at how games provide the best experience across different kinds of platforms is a great idea.

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Guney Ozsan

Actually my point was not cross-platform game design, but solely game design itself. It is a kind of very dense experience design that may be helpful for developers to see their job more than system programming, i.e. something that includes experience programming.

Still, unlike apps many games work very well cross platform only with subtle tweaks (if not none). So checking them across different platforms would also definitely provide good perspectives.