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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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Guney Ozsan

When I was at high school (late 90's), using Amiga Basic, I made a basic wireframe 3D renderer and a couple of cellular automata simulations. And that was it for 20 years. I only got Java 101 while studying Industrial Engineering at college.

After college I became a professional musician for about 15 years. 10 years I was live on stage and the last 5 years I did solely original music and sound design for video games. During while I got interested in Unity 3D and start experimenting. I was using Javascript those times.

Then together with an artist friend of mine, we made a cool installation for a big painting fair using Kinect and Unity 3D. That helped me land some remote prototyping jobs.

I noticed that almost jobs and documentation were all about C#. Remembering my Java base from 20 years ago I switched to C# by porting a couple of my personal project prototypes. Since then I'm a full time freelance Unity 3D developer (3 years and counting).

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Author

Wow, one of the best pivot stories ever. What an interesting path you’ve took. What sort of music did you do? Anything we can go listen too?

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Guney Ozsan • Edited

It feels sometimes refreshing, sometimes contrasting. Honestly time to time I feel like I lived the lives of a couple of different people compressed into time, as what you do for living defines you as a person in a lot of ways.

Thanks for asking. Here the first page is mostly my independent works. Scrolling down you can see plenty of my game music spread over a range of genres.